Saturday 16 March 2013

The Undesired Effect of Social Networking

It's funny how things and time change. Social Network has changed the way people relate with each other. While apps like Skype has managed to bridge the gap (connecting people that are hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles apart), people use other social network site/apps as an excuse.. I am guilty as well and I am going to work on improving my means of communication with family and friends. Nothing can replace a good visit and a nice phone call just to encourage someone. Let someone out there know you appreciate them today. Use social network as a tool for effective communication, not a reason to disconnect yourself from those you love and care about. 
“They were happy people with no cars,
But they cared enough to walk long distance in search of each other.
Love was the fuel that sustained them.
No phones or e-mail to contact each other,
But they always had each other on mind.
That was the best way they could keep up to date.”
Excerpt From: Obareti, Kelvin, Happy People “Emotions and Belief.”, 2013-02-24. iBooks.
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