Monday 28 April 2014

Oscar Pistorius - The Blade Gunner

The circus and media frenzy surrounding the Oscar Pistorius trial is painstakingly unnecessary. 
Since when does a case that factually leans on conviction take this long? 
Oscar is like the star attraction of the show.
He plays all his cards right.
Plays the grieving fiance,
the distraught observer and 
the man with the flow of tears. 

I deeply suspect men that shed a lot of tears because it shows a bit of mental weakness. 
Can Oscar be said to suffer from mental weakness? 
A seasoned sportsman with medals cannot be said to suffer from such a defect because it takes mental toughness and a lot of grit and determination to become a champion. 
Has he applied his attributes of grit and determination in ending the life of Reeva?

Since when does exhaustion lead to postponing a case of this magnitude.
This is not a trial of an 11 year old. 
This is not the youth court. 
This is the trial of a grown man that has to face the consequences of his action.
I don't know the motive for this act, but if he committed the crime, he must surely face the consequences. Celebrity status should not guarantee special treatment. 
The law should be blind to status. 
Lady Justice does not open her eyes but weighs the balance. 
This balance has to be struck as soon as possible so that the deceased party can grieve properly.

-Written by Emmanuel Oba-