Tuesday 26 February 2013

4 Min Abs Workout for Women

Top Tips: 
Take little breaks between the various exercises. Intense rhythm and variation in the exercises in order to avoid being monotonous and, at the same time, try to stimulate the rectus muscle of the abdomen from all angles. This workout is also suitable for men.

Sunday 10 February 2013


Place your hand on my chest to feel my heartbeat,
Feel it fade away like the waves of the ocean.
Can you feel the destabilisation caused by your lack of emotions?
True love used to live here, but now it's all gone.
My heart used to be one filled with love,
You shattered it into a million pieces, leaving just hurtful memories.
Put your hands on my chest, can you feel a thing?
I've tried so hard, but I feel nothing!
I'm a new person, and this heart no longer beats for you.


This poem puts the reader in a place of someone with a broken heart (healed)
I had to think like a lady to write this poem. The poem started from someone meaning the world to him/her and ended when he/she realised they can do better. Enjoy and leave your comments below.

Kelvin x

Sunday 3 February 2013

Nigeria Vs Ivory Coast - Super Sunday

The Circus is a second home to Elephants, but the Super Eagles of Nigeria did not hesitate to send the Ivorian 'Elephants' out of the African Cup of Nations Circus.
Although the super eagles were labelled as underdogs and referred to as 'Super Chickens' by Emmanuel Eboue, they stole the show with the first goal of the match by Emmanuel Emenike went straight past the Ivorian keeper like a lightning strike at 43 minutes. Drogba cheated his way to get a free kick which allowed Tiote to score an equaliser (his first international goal) 5 minutes into the second half. It was hard to break the deadlock, but a super strike by Sunday Mba at the 78th minute turned the match around and sealed the Super Eagle's victory. The performance and resistance showed by the proud Nigerian Super Eagles made the encounter a 'Super Sunday' match. The competition favourite failed to deliver yet again as they crashed out of the competition at the quarter final stage, coming short of their performance last year when they reached the final and only lost to the current champion, Zambia by penalty shootout.