Friday 29 March 2013

Happy Easter (The Word)

“He was present when the foundation of the world was laid.
He is the author and finisher of our soul.
He is ‘the word’ that was, that is and that will be.
For God so love the world that he sent his only begotten son
‘The word’,
That whosoever believes in him ‘the word’ will not perish but have eternal life.
‘The word’ shines in darkness and when God spoke ‘the word’,
Let there be light; there was light and darkness comprehended it not.
In the beginning was
‘The word’
And ‘the word’ was with God,
And ‘the word’ was GOD (John 1:1).
The word became flesh and dwelt amongst us
To feel what we feel,
See what we see,
Do all that we do except sin because ‘the word’ was without blemish.
There was a need for God and men to reconcile, so there was no other way than the way of ‘the word’ that was when God gave man the breath of life.
‘The word’ was the way, the only way!
‘The word’ became the lamb for the forgiveness of our sins. Even without sin, He took our place and died so that you and I may live.
Forty stripes he took for our healing,
He carried the cross to wipe away our shame, guilt and sin. On the way to Calvary, even in pain he prayed for you and me.
3 nails and a spear in his body, he took for us.
The prince of peace with a shinning crown wore a crown of thorns for our forgiveness.
If only they knew he was the word that was, that is and that would be, they wouldn't have crucified JESUS.
On the cross, he paid the price for the forgiveness of our sins.
1 life, he gave for all and he said it is finished!
On the third day he rose again having paid for our sins with his own dear life.

Excerpt From: Obareti, Kelvin. “Emotions and Belief.”, 2013-02-24. iBooks.
This material is protected by copyright.

Saturday 16 March 2013

The Undesired Effect of Social Networking

It's funny how things and time change. Social Network has changed the way people relate with each other. While apps like Skype has managed to bridge the gap (connecting people that are hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles apart), people use other social network site/apps as an excuse.. I am guilty as well and I am going to work on improving my means of communication with family and friends. Nothing can replace a good visit and a nice phone call just to encourage someone. Let someone out there know you appreciate them today. Use social network as a tool for effective communication, not a reason to disconnect yourself from those you love and care about. 
“They were happy people with no cars,
But they cared enough to walk long distance in search of each other.
Love was the fuel that sustained them.
No phones or e-mail to contact each other,
But they always had each other on mind.
That was the best way they could keep up to date.”
Excerpt From: Obareti, Kelvin, Happy People “Emotions and Belief.”, 2013-02-24. iBooks.
This material is protected by copyright.

Saturday 9 March 2013

Emotions and Belief Signed Paperback Giveaway

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Saturday 2 March 2013

Nigeria (Past, Present and the Future)

Read the poem and watch the video to learn about Nigeria. One people, one nation forever united by a shared struggle, common heritage and a bright future

Poem: Happy People 2

"Thinking about yesterday and remembering how good things used to be compared to what it is now makes me ask myself what really went wrong.
Although they suffer and smile, the smiling was only a reminder of the good past. They were happy people who knew no difference between themselves.
They lived happily as one blood and a family, but one day things changed. Their joy became sorrow and the price for freedom was unbearable.
Children lost their parents, and husbands didn't get to say farewell to their wives. The whole family got torn apart and the situation of things hurts more than thorns in the flesh.
The happy people were enslaved, exploited and battered. They worked and didn't get paid, planted but didn't reap and spent most of their times bound in chains.
They lived in sorrow night and day without seizing to struggle and hope for better days ahead.
Things are better now because of the struggle of the brave ones that the strengths of the chains in which they were bound couldn't hold down.
The unbreakable people that supported the fight for freedom gave us the opportunity to proclaim our liberty today,
And remember the past a a stepping stone to the future”

Excerpt From: Obareti, Kelvin. “Emotions and Belief.”, 2013-02-24. iBooks.

Closing remarks:

"In the course of our rich history,
We have seen the heights of greatness and the depth of cruelty.
We have seen the birth of new civilisations and the death of ancient empires. 
This is the history of a nation that was beaten but never broken, subdued but never conquered.
Today, we are many, yet we are one people, one nation forever united by a shared struggle, common heritage and a bright future