Saturday 2 March 2013

Nigeria (Past, Present and the Future)

Read the poem and watch the video to learn about Nigeria. One people, one nation forever united by a shared struggle, common heritage and a bright future

Poem: Happy People 2

"Thinking about yesterday and remembering how good things used to be compared to what it is now makes me ask myself what really went wrong.
Although they suffer and smile, the smiling was only a reminder of the good past. They were happy people who knew no difference between themselves.
They lived happily as one blood and a family, but one day things changed. Their joy became sorrow and the price for freedom was unbearable.
Children lost their parents, and husbands didn't get to say farewell to their wives. The whole family got torn apart and the situation of things hurts more than thorns in the flesh.
The happy people were enslaved, exploited and battered. They worked and didn't get paid, planted but didn't reap and spent most of their times bound in chains.
They lived in sorrow night and day without seizing to struggle and hope for better days ahead.
Things are better now because of the struggle of the brave ones that the strengths of the chains in which they were bound couldn't hold down.
The unbreakable people that supported the fight for freedom gave us the opportunity to proclaim our liberty today,
And remember the past a a stepping stone to the future”

Excerpt From: Obareti, Kelvin. “Emotions and Belief.”, 2013-02-24. iBooks.

Closing remarks:

"In the course of our rich history,
We have seen the heights of greatness and the depth of cruelty.
We have seen the birth of new civilisations and the death of ancient empires. 
This is the history of a nation that was beaten but never broken, subdued but never conquered.
Today, we are many, yet we are one people, one nation forever united by a shared struggle, common heritage and a bright future


  1. Interesting. I never thought that Nigerians were slaved. Only the Caribbeans

    1. Slaves were taken from Nigeria and other African countries to the Caribbean. More info here: