Saturday 8 December 2012

Exploration/Exploitation of The Present Generation

Children are dying,
Women are hungry.
Men are at war,
Killing each other by force.
The life we have is perishing,
The world as we know it is sinking.
The strong exploit the weak,
But make it seem like exploration.

Let's reach for the STARS,
Curiosity must be sent to MARS.
Let's explore the UNIVERSE,
For a possibility of Life!
So we build spaceships,
Costing millions of dollars.
What are our expectations?
Could that lead to our extermination?

Of what use is finding life out there,
If we can't sustain the one we have here?
Let's go to war,
To take the oil, land and space.
Of what benefit is war,
If it only ruins our past and scar our future?
The future is uncertain in the name of exploration,
But I'd rather refer to it as exploitation of the present generation.

Sunday 2 December 2012

James Bond Poem

Here is a video of the James Bond timeline poem. Enjoy and share :)


Dr. No is a special guy that came From Russia with Love,
He had a Goldfinger and a Thunderball.
Unlike Drake, YOLO was not his motto,
As he believed You Only Live Twice.
He was On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,
There he realised Diamonds Are Forever.
He had to Live and Let Die,
Not even The Man with Golden Gun could stop him.
The Dr was in love with The Spy Who Loved Me,
Until he was pushed off the Moonraker.
He wrote a letter to the spy titled For Your eyes Only,
After which he met the beautiful Octopussy.
Dr. No had A View to a Kill in The Living Daylights,
A Licence to Kill and a GoldenEye.
To him, Tomorrow Never Dies,
And The World Is Not Enough.
Dr No. can always Die Another Day,
As long as he plays ‘Texas hold’em’ at the Casino Royale.
The Quantum of Solace gave him the happiness he was after,
Until he arrived at Skyfall.

Written by : @poetic_kelz