Friday, 26 October 2012

Empty Heart (Poem)

My heart is empty like the other side of my bed.

The other side of my bed is empty like a vase without flowers.

The flower has withered like one that hasn't been 

So I need you to come in and...

Fill my heart like water fills the stomach.

Be the flower in my vase to add beauty to my life.

Occupy the other side of my bed that longs for some warmth.

Come into my heart, and there you can reside,
even until the end of time. 

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Monday, 22 October 2012

Surprise! Guys can multi task (Cooking things I like)

Surprise! Surprise!! Guys can cook too.
I will use this blog post to set some record straight :)
I won't bore you with the whole story, but there will be pictures, so you should get the full gist.

I had a webinar for my IChemE interest group at 8.30 am today, [a webinar is a web (online) seminar.
Web + Seminar = Webinar get it?] so I decided to multi task which is something many of you believe guys are pretty rubbish at.
The smart ones can already guess what I was doing during the webinar. I was cooking!
Another surprise right?
'Guys can't multi task'
'Guys are awful at cooking'
Well, check out the pictures below and be the judge. The point of this message is that guys can multi task and some of us are good cooks :) (Thanks to mummy of course). Momma taught me well.

(L-R) Beef after boiling and Frying

(L-R) Blended sweet pepper, 'rodo' and plum tomatoes. (used for the beef stew and jollof rice); Mince + Veg

(L-R) Adding pasta sauce; Jollof rice.

Food served and ready to go.

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Suspicious Guy (Best out of Nollywood)

This is by far the best movie/tv series I've seen (out of Nollywood). In terms of production and story telling, The 'Suspicious Guy' beats its rivals hands down and is a good way to raise the bar in terms of movie production in Nigeria. I will let you be the judge. Leave your comments below. 

PLOT: After a Nigerian private investigator ends a fling with a former acquaintance, a series of suspicious events start to occur. The first episode is about a detective who is caught between finding out the truth of a mysterious death and at the same time trying to sort out his love life. The series is loaded and action packed,the special effects are out of this world. The whole series centres around the Nigerian Society.The series won’t fail to entertain its viewers.”

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Having A Successful University Career

There are many guides out there on surviving at university. Many of them point out a few Dos and DON’T’s and tell students about games and getting drunk, but only a few talk about how to have a successful career at university. Here are six pieces of advice based on my university experience – I hope they will help someone out there who is just about to start a new journey or those that got lost whilst on the journey.

First year does count!

“First year doesn't count!” is a very common phrase amongst freshers and just one of many misconceptions about starting a university career. Although first year might not carry any weight when it comes to the final year result, it is the foundation and therefore very important.
For students with industrial placements, the first year result will be the only result in hand when applying for placements and failure to provide a satisfactory result might result in losing out on the vital experience that could be gained through industrial placement.
Also, for many courses such as engineering and applied science, the remaining years at University are based on the knowledge gained from first year, as modules tends to continue in years 2, 3 and 4. Lecturers expect students to be able to tap into the things learnt in first year at any stage of their university career. First year knowledge will be tested when given assignments and projects in the penultimate and final year.

Balance work and your social life

Failure to get a balance between work and social life can lead to a very unhappy student. Social life at university is important, although not as important as academic commitments. It is vital for a student to get the balance right and this can be done in several ways. It is a bad habit amongst many students to go out the night before they have a 9am start. Many of them tend not to make it to the lecture while the ones that do tend to lack concentration. Also, the company you keep will determine how successful you will be in your studies. It might be fun hanging out with students from other schools of study, but it is important to realise what suits them might not suit you, as timetables will be different and some courses are less challenging than the others.

Be outspoken

As a fresher, the first few weeks might be difficult as you are just trying to get used to a new environment, but it is always good to be outspoken and to not keep problems to yourself. There are always people to help, be it academic or non-academic staff. Fellow students can also be very helpful as they might have had the same problem in the past, so their experience can be passed on. On the other hand, if you keep to yourself, no one will be able to help you. When something seems confusing, ask someone who might have a better understanding and this will make university life more enjoyable as you will spend less time worrying.

Set your alarm and be punctual

This might seem like a basic thing but you will be amazed that many students have missed important classes, laboratory experiments and exams just because they forgot to set their alarms. In order to enjoy your time at university, you will have to learn to do things at the right time and not always playing catch up. Punctuality, they say, is the soul of business, and it is the also the soul of a good student. Be on time to all your lectures as this will give you time to settle down and boost your concentration level.

Beware of other commitments

Having a football match or a shift at your part-time job is not a good enough excuse to miss lectures or labs. Many students tend to make commitments based on a certain timetable e.g. first teaching period timetable. However, the timetable at university does not always remain the same as new modules will be added and there will be busy times when you have to hand in coursework and other projects. Some commitments will make this very difficult. I’ve seen students missing lectures because they have a match scheduled at the same time or have to be at work because they have a contract to do so and this is often reflected in the overall performance of such students.
Making money at the university to support yourself might be necessary but it is very important to know who you are and never bite off more than you can chew. Some employers offer flexible shift patterns. Such contracts are student friendly and will make life a lot easier when the workload at university gets a bit over the top.

Are you smarter than your smart phone?

For many students, their smart phones will distract them from things like paying attention during lectures, but the smart gadgets can be very good if they are used wisely. So, are you smarter than your smart phone?
For those who are, gadgets can be used to access student e-mail on the go and sometimes record lectures if necessary. Student e-mail is the main means of communication as well as other portals such as blackboard. These gadgets will let you receive vital information on time and take necessary action, so they can be very handy if used the smart way.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Happy 52nd Independence Nigeria

They were happy people, 
Living their daily life joyfully. 

Although they had little, 

They were glad to share with one another. 
The kind of love they exhibit is unimaginable. 
It was indeed a true love. 

There was no electricity to watch T.V, 

But they were indeed a happy people. 

No power supply to light their homes and street at dusk, 
But they tell each other moonlight tales, 
Even till its very late 
As the dark night was nothing to be afraid of. 

They were happy people with no cars, 

But they cared enough to walk long distance in search of each other. 

Love was the fuel that kept them going. 
No phones or e-mail to contact each other, 
But they always had each other on mind. 
That was the best way they could keep up to date. 

There were no such things as birthday or Christmas, 

The only time they observe was full moon, market days and yam festival. 

They lacked so many basic amenities like clean water, 
But as a happy people, they were contented with what they had. 
No aerosols to kill deadly insects, but they had unpolluted air. 
They wake up in the morning with no money, 
Yet they have plenty to share all day long. 
They were happy people, living life the best way they could live it. 

Poem from Emotions and Belief by Kelvin Obareti