Friday 22 August 2014

UOP CUP'14 Soccer

Back Row: Kurt Smith, Kolapo Alade-Lambo, Andrew Novotny, Coral Megahy, Greg Land, Malik Haouchine, Jose Salgado, Javier Rios, Kevin Boldingh
Front Row: Dias Kazbekuly, Nam Pham, Omer Qureshi, Art Ramirez, Kelvin Obareti, Katie Rankin, Helin Cox, Pat Bullen, Alejandro Cardenas, Hung Pham, Edwin Boldingh;   Not Pictured: Cem Akatay, Luis Bougrat, Murad Gaharibeh
Back Row: Henrique Goncalves, Stuart Miller, Pedro Melendez, Luke Cho, John Mowat, Bill Harvey, Doug Nafis, Matt Lippmann, Jessica Furstenberg, Jakub Piechnik
Front Row: Andrew Chancellor, Phuong Pham, Eduardo Torres, Alexi Salgado, Scott Kongkitisupchai, Sanan Andzhaev, Chris Standing, Solomon Gebreyohannes, Honorio Vega;    Not pictured:  Ethan Guio, Beth Carter, Howie Tran
Congratulations to the Maroon Team, 5-2 winners of the 2014 (5th Annual) UOP Cup and its team captain, Alejandro Cardenas.  This year’s cup was the largest ever, with 46 participating players.  The 2014 “Golden Boot” trophy goes to Kelvin Obareti for his hat trick in the big game.   Attached are photos from the game and team party.  Special thanks to our referees and linesmen (Julian Ballarin) and to Karisma for taking most of the action photos. 

About $400 raised through the cup was donated to Unicef to purchase anti-malarial drugs for children around the world.   Once a child is infected with malaria, they have about 24 hours to reach anti-malarial treatment after which their chance of survival decreases sharply. There are about 1 million people that die each year from malaria and the majority are young African children. One packet of Anti-Malarial Drugs has 30 doses which are sent to malaria-prone communities to guard against infection. With the UOP Soccer Club donations, we were able to purchase 13 packets and save the lives of 390 children!!!

Shot on Goal!
Helen's Assistant
Great Pass From Dias

Great Save!
Good Header!
Can't Stop Me!

Kelvin did the Hat Trick on Them 
Final Score 5-2 (The Best Team Won)