Monday 22 October 2012

Surprise! Guys can multi task (Cooking things I like)

Surprise! Surprise!! Guys can cook too.
I will use this blog post to set some record straight :)
I won't bore you with the whole story, but there will be pictures, so you should get the full gist.

I had a webinar for my IChemE interest group at 8.30 am today, [a webinar is a web (online) seminar.
Web + Seminar = Webinar get it?] so I decided to multi task which is something many of you believe guys are pretty rubbish at.
The smart ones can already guess what I was doing during the webinar. I was cooking!
Another surprise right?
'Guys can't multi task'
'Guys are awful at cooking'
Well, check out the pictures below and be the judge. The point of this message is that guys can multi task and some of us are good cooks :) (Thanks to mummy of course). Momma taught me well.

(L-R) Beef after boiling and Frying

(L-R) Blended sweet pepper, 'rodo' and plum tomatoes. (used for the beef stew and jollof rice); Mince + Veg

(L-R) Adding pasta sauce; Jollof rice.

Food served and ready to go.

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