Sunday 10 February 2013


Place your hand on my chest to feel my heartbeat,
Feel it fade away like the waves of the ocean.
Can you feel the destabilisation caused by your lack of emotions?
True love used to live here, but now it's all gone.
My heart used to be one filled with love,
You shattered it into a million pieces, leaving just hurtful memories.
Put your hands on my chest, can you feel a thing?
I've tried so hard, but I feel nothing!
I'm a new person, and this heart no longer beats for you.


This poem puts the reader in a place of someone with a broken heart (healed)
I had to think like a lady to write this poem. The poem started from someone meaning the world to him/her and ended when he/she realised they can do better. Enjoy and leave your comments below.

Kelvin x

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