Sunday 18 November 2012

A Christian

I am a Christian, Not because I'm better than you,
It's more like cos I chose the path that;s right for me.
I'm not claiming to be holier than you,
But I have a redeemer that washed me clean.
What did I pay? I paid nothing!
It's not a fair trade, I'm aware of that.
I used to be that guy,
That was lost in this big world,
Yet he found me.
After he found me,
He called me.
Although many were called,
He chose me.
He's there every step I take,
To guide me in all my ways.
Not that I deserve it,
But his grace is sufficient for me.
He's invisible, but his works are visible,
The evidence of which lies in me being invincible.
With my eyes, I have seen.
With my ears, I have heard.
With my mouth, I will speak.
With poetry, I will express his goodness.
In order to create a lasting impression on you.
So, please take this as an expression of my FAITH.
I don't need anyone's permission,
A man in the service of CHRIST my SAVIOUR.
Every chance I get, I will make his faithfulness
known to all nations.

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