Wednesday 29 October 2014

How to Support Emotions and Belief (Book by Kelvin Obareti)


  1. Promote reading
  2. Brand (Kelzclusive/Poetic Kelz) awareness
  3. Showcase the beauty of poetry
  4. Show that as deep as a poem can be, it is what the poem means to the reader that matters.


  • Apple/Mac users, download a copy of Emotions and Belief on iBookstore (related books by me can also be downloaded for free)
    • Take a snapshot of your iBook library and share the picture on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter
Android / Blackberry/ Amazon Kindle

  • Download Emotions and Belief for your android phones on Google Play Books
  • Amazon Kindle, Blackberry, Android, Tablet and other platforms, download a copy of Emotions and Belief from Amazon
    • Take a snapshot of your Kindle library and share the picture on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Google+


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Thanks for your support!
About The Book:

Emotions and Belief is a compilation of poems based around topics such as love, religion, emotions, romance, humour, changes and life style. The author of this book has been able to link all the topics mentioned above in a way that is easy to read and understand. This is not a typical poetry book; the structure which this book was written makes it very enjoyable and easy to understand. The poems in this book will definitely touch you and help you to get a deeper understanding of the link between your 'Emotions and Belief'.

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