Tuesday 13 August 2013

No Condition is Permanent

The wildest storm will become still.
No matter how long and dark a tunnel is, there will always be light at  its end.
Heavy snow fall will melt away.
No matter how heavy the rainfall, the water will dry up.
The brightest day will give way to the night.
No matter how dark the night is, the bright morning is just around the  corner.
Ugly situations will become beautiful.
No matter how high a bird flies, its still coming to the ground.
No matter how long a war goes on, the survivors will see the end of it.
The highest Part of a mountain is its peak.
The longest river has an end.
Imaginations are limited.
The powerful can get powerless,
The borrower can become a lender,
A fool can acquire wisdom,
The poor can become rich,
Captives can become free,
The jailer can be imprisoned,
No matter how long you live, your life will surely come to an end.
The most beautiful rose will wither,
The colourful rainbow will disappear,
The glittery peacocks feather will fall and get carried away by the  wind.
Life is short, but it will out live you, take it for granted, it will  forsake you.
Love life, and you will live happily, Explore it and you will find its beauty.
If you are at the bottom, you still have a chance to get to the top.  If you are on top of the world, treat the people below you right even  when they have a wrong impression about you. Accept whatever life brings your way and handle it with care.
Against  all odds,show love and stand strong to survive the tests of life.
From  these tests, you will get testimonies that will prove to you that no  condition is permanent.

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