Wednesday 17 April 2013

The Man in The Mirror

The world is sinking, 
People are drowning.
Our leaders are greedy,
They are too busy with the economy.
I wish I could make a change,
I wish I can take the pain away.
The pain of those lonely children,
Whose tears can no longer flow.
The loneliness of those men and women,
Who have made the roadside their home.
There is only one person that can understand how I feel,
He alone can feel this pain,
He is the man in the mirror.

When I laugh, he laughs;
When I cry, he cries.
The last time I saw the man in the mirror, 
He didn't look too pleased.
I told him about the world,
He told me to be the change I want to see. 
The last time I fought the man in the mirror,
It was over my broken heart that he couldn't fix,
And his inability to make all the change I want to see.


  1. Good write~ I very much enjoyed this.

    The man in the mirror. It's a concept that always resonates.