Wednesday 22 August 2012

Dare Your Way To The Top

Dare to dream, 
and see the future ahead of you. 

Capture a picture of the future 

and like an electron released during fusion, 
release yourself into a greater tomorrow 
that will surely be better than today.

Dare to make a difference today, 
and make someone have a good day. 
Be a blessing and see if you won’t be blessed. 
Tell someone that you care, 
and forgive the careless person that tried to mess you up.

Dare to be happy. 
Although sorrow might endure for a night, 
everlasting joy will come in the morning. 
Dare to pray so that you won’t be a prey, 
and say it is well, believing it will be well with you.


Dare to dream, 
Dare to make a difference, 
Dare to be happy,Dare to be the best, 
and joyfully, you will make your way 
to the top of the world. 

Poem from Emotions and Belief (free Ebooks available) 

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