Saturday 24 December 2011

New Blessings (Prayer_Poem)

Breathe into me the breath of life,
And let every dead thing that should be living inside me rise and live again.

Give me a new song and let my tongue confess of your goodness.
Take control of my tongue and do not let it get me into trouble.

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks!
Fill my heart with Joy and let my mouth speak of your wonderful deeds oh LORD!

Open my ears and let them hear beyond ordinary things. Fill them with your words and good news always. Please answer when I call and open doors of blessings when I Knock.

Let my eyes see beyond darkness when they close,
At their opening let them behold beautiful and mighty things that are beyond my imagination.
Shine your light unto my path and make my light shine for the whole world to see.
Show me the right way to go and prevent me from going astray.

Order my steps and the journey of my life. Bring me out of the storms of life and set my feet
Upon mighty grounds that I may dance a dance of victory always even in front of my enemies.

Take my hands and return it blessed, that everyone I touch may be blessed and everything
I touch be multiplied. Let them never be empty but help them to feed plenty.

Direct my path and bless everything I touch.
Fill my heart with Joy and my mouth with a new song.
Open my ears to hear beyond ordinary things and let my eyes behold new and marvellous things, for with these new BLESSINGS, I will live a new LIFE.


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