Sunday, 7 June 2020

Nigeria, Country of 200 Million FOOLS - A Lagbaja Story

"Undoubtedly, we the people are to blame for our woesThe "leaders" have discovered that they can get away with anything... ANYTHING!Because of our docile mumurity (sheep behaviour) as uncritical and comatose minionsBecause we never stand up to them and demand probityThat is why Obasanjo single handedly chose Yar'Adua and JonathanAnd led us like sheep into this turmoilHow blessed a nation we could have beenHad he instead used his great cunning for the benefit of NigeriaThe good things he did, his anointed successors destroyedObasanjo used his own hands to destroy what he worked hard to build... Sad testimony... Bad legacy... Sad autobiographyYou may not be richBut your well being is as important as theirs and their children'sAs a human being, you have rightsAs a citizen of Nigeria, you have rightsWhile giving utmost respect to our leadersAnd acting with all sense of humility as dictated by our cultureWe should still demand and insist on justice and equityAh...ah... We are better than thisIt should be obvious to all now...You, like me, may be smallBut even the mightily powerful "big man" is mortal dustFood for worms...No man is God!"


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