Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Rick Ross - Hold Me Back (America Vs Nigeria)

The inability of some people to understand the content of a music video is beyond me. I will blame that on English language, so I've taken the responsibility to educate those set of people that cannot understand what this song and the video is all about.
Before you start leaving angry comment on this blog, click the link below to see the lyrics

For anyone that's seen the American version, there is a similarity between that and the one shot in Nigeria. Both videos depicts how people are struggling. 
The problems is many Nigerians can't tolerate the truth and that is why the country is not moving forward. Rick Ross didn't create all the mess that was featured on that video, so why hate on a man for recording his experience on the streets of Nigeria. That can be likened to hating on  a tourist for recording videos and taking pictures for his own private or business use. 

Before you criticize the content of the Nigerian version, watch both videos below and see for yourself that he didn't try to portray Nigeria as a suffering nation but merely sharing his ghetto experience both home and away. 

I like the video because it got a lot of ignorant Nigerians angry, but I'm guessing they should be grateful for the little piece of history that was embedded in the video and for showing the world the real hustle of the masses. It won't cost him anything to shoot the video in a club, spending money on hoes and bathing them with alcohol.

Think twice before you criticize another man's work. If you want Nigeria to be a better place, face the reality that things must change and that's not up to the people in government alone, its up to YOU!!! 


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