Thursday, 27 September 2012


CHRIS BROWN "DON'T JUDGE ME" from Riveting Entertainment on Vimeo.

Chris Brown released the video to his song, 'Don't judge' me today. Could this be a coincidence?  He's going through a lot in his life at the moment (With Rihanna behind him this time around) . He was caught with drugs, rumour has it  that he's no longer with his girlfriend and pictures of him kissing Nicole Sherzinger (Lewis Hamilton's current girlfriend) is all over the internet. (See Below)

'Don't Judge' Chris, I definitely won't judge him. The video looks good and is well directed. I will rate it 9/10. Are we going to see Chris Brown direct full length movies anytime soon? He was quadruple threat (Rapper, Singer, Actor, Dancer) and with him adding video directing to the list, Chris Brown is officially a 'quintuple' threat. His talents keeps him above his mistakes. God must really love him for blessing him that much and hopefully he will change his ways before loosing everything.

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